The Yellow Bird Press is looking for stories that are authentic, original, and powerful.

We are not looking for the next Hallmark movie or current trend. Our motto is “Literature Set Free.”
We want to find stories that need to be told. We are particularly interested in Southern Literature, Coming-of-Age stories, Suspense, Literary Fiction, Memoir, Historical Fiction (but relevant to today), or niche literature that looks at unique worlds or cultures. We are not interested in science fiction, pure romance, horror, erotica, children’s literature, YA, non-fiction, or political thrillers at this time. We will consider some New Adult or Magical Realism if it’s just right!

To Submit

To submit, please email your query letter, first 25 pages, and synopsis to

Put “FICTION SUBMISSION” and your last name in the subject line of the email.  We will try to respond to all submissions within 6 weeks to decline, or request further materials for consideration.  Unsolicited materials will not be considered.

Summerville ,SC